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Different cars in the South Orange County [videos] used, and similar products photographer - 3 CoffeeCar KindsThe legendary BMW E30 M3Cars coffee and Irvine was ordered to close. Cars and coffee of Irvine is a ritual among fans of cars in Southern California. This event, the owner of their cars, exotic and unique, automobile clubs and manufacturers from around the world presented traces practically is an institution of the culture of the automobile in California. Cars and coffee of Irvine in October 2006 and has continued to grow strongly. The meeting was the development of a meeting of automobile enthusiasts with Crystal Cove in Orange County, California. It is said that there were complaints for noise emitted by the owners of hotels and apartments are located in the neighbouring building. Organizers of the C - C - & Irvine asked car owners who keep low speed throughout the year and gave as permanent police presence outside the event stop preparation. These measures did not prevent that the occasional exhibitionist who thought that it would be okay to light their tires. The situation has worsened, the crowd, which is different from the driver on the eggs, when she sees coffee shop millionaire youtube the police. The event will take place in a parking lot near the office building occupied by Taco Bell, Mazda and Ford. There are suspicions that the company's Irvine, which owns close to nearby houses is behind allegations of noise. At the moment there is no official word if the organizers have a new place for cars and coffee Irvine 2015, but some people think that they can be moved out of El Toro Marine Corps service station. Stay tuned, as we have news about the new location for the car and on our events page, up to publish coffee Irvine, then the cars and coffee of Irvine canceled,.